Game Development

"MeisterTech offers Game design and artwork services for iPhone games, Desktop games, Android games, Flash games, xbox games, playstation games and nintendo wii games."

The game industry is under increasing pressure to reduce development time and the cost of production. Our Game Design and Artwork team in Houston can help you in planning the game and design game artwork to emulate the game with story boards and help reduce the cost.

Our game designers can help you conceptualize your game concept and come up with unique game play ideas and help develop them. We can help you with 3D game artwork design or 2d game artwork design.

Our Houston game design team can help create game designs for all platforms including the iPhone, Android, Xbox, Playstation, nintendo wii, Flash games and PC games.

We are expertise in following Services

  • Game story and narrative
  • Game scripts and storyboards
  • Character Designs
  • Game Design Documents (GDDs)
  • Game copy writing (marketing)
  • 3D Modeling
  • 3D Texturing
  • Web based and Desktop Games
  • Windows Mobile Game design and Development
  • iPhone Game design and development
  • Android Game design and development
  • Blackberry Game design and development
  • Flash Game Design and Development
  • Interactive TV Games
  • Game Engine Design and Development
  • Game Testing and Analysis